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Assisting children & families in Algeria since 2007





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Rainbow blankets:

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With  the colder weather here we are again gathering together blankets to be given to those in need.


We understand how time consuming knitting a blanket can be so we are simply asking for 8'' squares that can be sewn together to make beautiful rainbow blankets!

All types and colour of yarn can be uesd.  

*Available soon*

Algerian Action is a charity based in Algiers that has a network of supporters from around the world. Our main priority is to assist children and families that are experiencing the effects of living in poverty.


A big thank you for supporting our Winter Wonder event!


a big thank you to of all of those that participated in the Winter Wonder event at the weekend. It was very much a last minute thing to help raise some extra funds for the increasing number of families that are needing help. But, thanks to your efforts of sharing, liking and giving it was possible to raise a total of £310 through auction sales and one off donations because of the interest the event generated.

A special thanks to the small businesses that donated items to the Auction too. (Links of these can be found here).

The money will be used to buy additional supplies of blankets and other items to help those in need keep warm this winter.(Pictures to follow shortly).

Our second book will be available very soon!

It is a children's activity book that is full of facts, activities and colouring pages.

It is perfect or children with an Algerian connection but equally good for others who wish to learn about different countries,people and cultures.

It will be priced at £2.99 and will be available to buy from here on a website.

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