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Assisting children & families in Algeria since 2007

Just one seed



Just one seed is our newest and biggest project yet and a little different to anything that we have done before. We are excited about it and hope you will be too!


Just one seed is an environmental project which will show that even the smallest of actions can create big changes. This year we will be encouraging children and young people to care for their environment and learn about nature in fun and creative ways. We have also set ourselves the challenge to fill neglected areas with colourful flowers and create beautiful community gardens.


First on our list is to create a community garden complete with playground and seating in the area of Mefta. The land has been secured and work has begun on clearing the debris. As with all of our projects the work will be done by volunteers- An enthusiastic group of local people have already been gathered but more willing hands are always welcome!



This garden will be a place for the whole community to enjoy. It will provide a fun space for children to play in, it will be an area for adults to sit and relax. Through creating and caring for the garden  It will be a place for people to come together, share their skills, gain new experiences, care for the environment and make a long lasting difference. The benefits for everyone are far reaching.  





To make this garden and other community green spaces a reality we really need your help.


* We would love for you to donate seeds. We really hope to nurture plants from all over the world and reflect the international nature of our supporters. Your donation of even just one seed could help us do that. We are up for a challenge so all types of seeds are very welcome (But for reference the climate is Mediterranean). Donations can be sent to the address here alternatively, you may like to sponsor seeds for just £1 and we will purchase some on your behalf. You will receive a personalised certificate of appreciation by email.


* Provide shade and seclusion. Algeria is hot so our gardens will need to have some shaded areas. By sponsoring a fruiting tree you will help us keep the sun off as well as providing a source of food for people and wildlife for years to come. Sponsorship is £7. You will receive a personalised certificate of appreciation by email.


* We need seating! Our community gardens and green spaces are places for people to sit and relax in. Could you help us make people comfortable by sponsoring a bench? This is a great way for groups, individuals and businesses to support our work, if desired we are very happy to add a small plaque with your chosen name. Sponsorship is  £20. You will receive a personallised certificate of appreciation by email.


* If you are in Algiers and fancy volunteering to get your hands dirty please get in touch -we would love to hear from you!





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How YOU can help to make a long lasting difference-

Just one seed will make a difference . You can make the difference.