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Assisting children & families in Algeria since 2007

Soft toy drive 2017












This year Algerian Action will reach it's 10th Anniversary=how time flies! One of the ways we hope to mark the milestone is by giving as many children as we can a handmade doll or stuffed toy.  We have of course been giving children toys for many years and it was in fact the lack of toys children had that was the inspiration for starting the charity a decade ago.....that is why it seems some how appropriate that toys should feature big in this, our anniversary year.


The dolls/toys will be given to children all over- street children, orphans, those in hospital and those from families that struggle to make ends meet. To make this happen we need your help!


We want you to use your imagination and be creative...remember the doll you make may be the only toy that the child has ever had or will have, so make it special!

Just a few guidelines-

- dolls/toys shouldn't be huge, not more than around 20cm tall.

- dolls/toys don't need to have facial features but if you decide to add them please stitch them to ensure that they last longer and are not dangerous.

-dolls/toys can be made in any colour and type of fabric or yarn..

If you know a child in Algeria that would love a doll to cuddle and play with please get in touch and let us know!





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